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Lingzhi permanent magent synchronous gearless machine fully integrated digital frequency conversion technology, coaxial transmission technology and group computers combination control technology,realized effects of energy-saving,noise reduction,easy to oprate, safe and comfortable opration, spacing-saving and cost-effectiveness, and so on.
The system adopted CAN serial communication, logic control and variable frequency driving, highly integrated elevator control technology, which not only enhanced the performance of the products, but also greatly reduced the failure rate.
Through the arrangenment of different computers in various elevator structures, it applies double 32-digit micro computer control system and serial communication network to flexibly control the whole system. Benefiting from this control system, yhe preferment of fault diagnostic program and back-up system can be improved effectively. In addition, not only does the effectiveness and the reliability of this oprating system insure the safety of elevator running, but also realizes the probability of elevator upgrading.

The smart modularized program prossesses malfunction self-diagnosis and self-treatment capacity.

The intelligent and rapid automitic compensation of load torque makes elevator stars more amoothly.

The closed-loop control of the frequency control system of the elevator door machine is subjects to the encoder feedback, which is featured with excellent control characteristics, large starting torque, fast dynamic response, exclusive protection, complete functions of status surveillance, as well as low noise, low failure rate, easy adjustment, stable and raliable opration, etc.
Energy feedback technology(optional):potential emergy will convert into direct current by frequency vhanger in the case of no-load ascending or full-load descending. Energy feedback device is able to convert this part of the energy into alternating current for theuse of other electric equipment, with power saving rate of 15%-45%.
District monitoring system(optional):Using the monitor software in the PC machine of monitor room, connecting with the control system throuth the bus line, monitoring the floor position, direction position ang error condition ets every time.
Emergency leveling system in power failure(optional):We use emergency leveling system to prevent there would be power off when the elevator running, which can make the cabin running to the leveling position of nearest floor, then open the car door and landing door to ensure the passengers leaving in safety.
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